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The Easter Egg...

...Was absolutely amazing.

You used the voices of 'them 3'(I don't want to spoil it) and I think I exploded with laughter when I realised.


Minecraft AND Justice Shades! Loved the ending. Redstone much?


I thought it was going to be ALOT more flashy. The colours took too long to start appearing, and the transitions should of been more obvious. Overall, it was mediocre.

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As much as I would like to like this game, I can't. I can't like a game that, with a straight face, calls itself a 'horror' game, when it's not scary. At all.
No, other people who enjoyed this game: stop typing, I can feel it. This was not the great 'ambience' scary like the early Silent Hills and Amnesia. This was high-pitched BG music, an annoying mechanic and almost Braid-like pretentiousness from how it's descibed as a 'horror' game. (Calm down, note the 'almost'.)

Despite this, you still get half a star for effort and the fact it isn't absolute drivel like 90% of the games on Newgrounds.

*Reading description*

*Reading description* 'Boring, boring, boring, oohhh, boss fights!'

Yeah, that's my mentality. Those bosses bettter be... boss?

lol lol lol.

@ Hikarian. If you live in the USA, UK or anywhere that is an official English speaking country, then you will know who she is. I mean, she's been over, like, every single cover of magazines. Her singing and songs are absolutely fucking shit.

>end rant/

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Guess what I'm gunna do now?

Play this on Audiosurf. Heeaalll yeeaahhh.

Cool. Pretty much.

I found this to be quite awesome actually, perfect for an old style, pixellated, castle-utilizing game! :D Great work so far, can't wait for the full version.

seargenthippo responds:


I put this in my flash.

But my flash is pretty crappy. Its only as menu music, but this does deserve a big part! It's great!

Semaphore responds:

Thank you very much Byronyello

Wassup! Guess what I like doing?, I like making T.A.S.T.Y flashes!

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